In a rapidly changing world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), and if you add in Disruption, leaders face an immense task on their hands. If they are not meeting these challenges with the corresponding development of their leadership principles, practice and presence, then sooner or later, they are not going to be able to meet the expectations of their shareholders and to their employees and most importantly fail to make any significant contribution to the bigger world. There are many great leadership programmes that corporates spend a  big part of their training budget on. However, when leaders get back to the world of work, the wonderful principles and leadership competencies, and latest leadership ideas taught to them are soon lost as the demands of the real world take centre stage in their lives.

We offer a different approach. We believe that fundamental to the change in leaders is not the new leadership principles, systems or competencies that may have been introduced to address the challenges they experience, but the consciousness of the leader, the way she shows up in the world, her self-awareness of her personality, her strengths, weaknesses, blind spots. Sure leadership competencies are necessary, but it is not sufficient. Leadership is about character, courage and conviction. If these important aspects of a leader’s development are not addressed, then, it does not matter how much time we spend on building leadership competencies, it will not impact the leader for sustainable development.

So, in LEAP Leadership and Learning, we start with bringing the leader to self-awareness of her personality, which is a factor of nature and nurture. For this we have found the Enneagram Personality assessment an extremely accurate one. The Enneagram report indicates where the participant is strong in the action, feeling and thinking centres, which is her dominant personality type, her sub-type or instinct, and then shows what possible strengths, weaknesses and blind spots are. It also shows participants how stressed they are in different parts of their lives, as well as what happens to them when they are stressed and released. 

However, LEAP is accredited to also use the Insights Discovery Personality Assessment as well as 5 Lense Assessment designed by Ennea International. More about these assessments can be found in the section on Individual and Team Assessments.

With Personal Awareness and self-insight as the foundation of our leadership programmes, we have built custom programmes for organisations to address particular challenges they may experience. Examples of modules that have been built over the Personal Awareness and Self-Insight foundational module are the following:

  • Leading Self (Personal Awareness and Self-insight)
  • Leading Others
  • Leadership Conversations
  • Effective Communications
  • Managing Performance 
  • Managing Change
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Leadership and Trust
  • Leading in a VUCA world
  • The Dilemma’s and Tensions of leadership
  • Leaders and the creation of a circle of safety
  • The Leader as Coach

LEAP Leadership and Learning has facilitated leadership programmes in South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya since 2016.