Margaret Tifflin (HR Head for MCR in 2016-2017), Barclays Africa

You assisted after restructurings and where we required you to assist with team effectiveness sessions, the experience from myself and the leadership team was as follows:

You made a meaningful impact in terms of facilitating the change of behaviour for both leadership and employees.

You facilitated the full understanding of diversity and how teams should appreciate different cultures, thinking and race groups.

In terms of understanding of where roles started and where the ended and clarification of ways of working and rules of engagement – the experience from the teams were that they were able to go back to the work place and practice what they worked on together as a team.

You also assisted me with leadership coaching in the MCR area – growth in terms of incumbents and where they were at was experienced by line leaders.

You worked across my MCR community and added immense value to the HR agenda.

Thank you so much for the opportunity of working with you and I will make use of you should I execute the above in the new environment I am placed in.

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