Rhoodie Dakamela (Team Leader RBB Legal), Absa Africa

I joined Absa on the 15th of February 2017 and was fortunate enough to be under the leadership coaching sessions of Brian soon thereafter. I worked with Brian for about 6 sessions that were 4 hours each. I found Brian’s sessions to be focused and extremely to the points he sought to work on. Central to these were leadership, coaching, mentoring and personality management.  Brian was able to extract my personality type and then identify my areas of development. He did so very well by identifying my areas of strength, areas of weakness and areas that I needed to focus on in order to enhance my leadership skills. What was particularly fascinating was how spot on Brian was in identifying my personality type and how I respond to particular situations and challenges. Brain was always subtle but firm in his approach. Brian possesses the special skills of precise communication, Ubuntu, humility and getting the best out of an individual. Brian does in essence, bring out the best in people, or at the very least, does his best to do so.

I continue to use the skills Brian equipped me with and this has made me a better leader and manager. Perfection is impossible but Brain gives one a glimpse of what it is in the world of corporate leadership. 

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