Trishana Maharaj Regional Human Resources Director – Africa G4S Africa (SA) (Pty) Ltd.

Brian was engaged to provide coaching and facilitation support at the point when the company began to sharpens its strategy and position itself for stronger growth. With a Africa team of more than 100 Directors across 23 countries there was a need to ensure that every leader had both personal and professional perspective in order to ignite the strategy seamlessly.

With a vast geography to cover and a large senior management team team to coach, Brian was the ideal choice. Brian is culturally very aware and is very flexible in his coaching approach based on the country and management context. He builds relationships easily and is intuitive to the company’s needs. As the HR Executive of the company it was key to find a partner that was both professional and flexible in driving the company’s vision of a stronger and energised Africa senior management team, Brian has managed to do this seamlessly and effectively.

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