Methodology & Approach

LEAP’s  main approach to coaching is Integral Coaching currently being taught by the Centre for Coaching at University of Cape Town, South Africa. This approach to coaching seeks to look holistically at a human being in all of the possible domains viz. physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and relational and attempts to look at the level of integration of these domains in the coachee. The approach looks at spontaneous coaching, coaching for competence as well as life coaching, depending on the complexity of the presenting issue from the coachee. In the Integral model of coaching, the coach focuses on developing a relationship with the coachee, leads her into possibilities of how she could address the issue at hand, and then leads coachee to action. Behavioral change is key in the model, and hence the coach provides the coachee with self-observations and practices to be aware of existing limiting behaviour and practice moving towards the desired behaviour that would bring about change. The coach does not provide advice, but rather through careful questions, allows the coachee to arrive at possible actions. 

In organisations that request limited coaching sessions, it is necessary to select the one or two key challenges the coachee has and to coach on these, and leave the coachee with opportunities to address the others through continued coaching. 

A coaching programme, given the stages of relationship building, coaching for possibilities and then getting into action, ideally would take about 10 – 12 one hour sessions, with the first intake session being a little longer (one and a half hours). The programme will include pre and post coaching preparation by the coach, as well as telephonic and/or skype support to the coachee. The programme may include 360 feedback through questionnaires sent to coachees managers, colleagues and sub-ordinates. 


LEAP’s approach to coaching is Integral Coaching currently taught by the Centre for Coaching at the University of Cape Town. This approach to coaching seeks to look holistically at a human being in all of his/her possible domains viz. physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and relational, and attempts to look at the level of integration of these domains in the coachee. The assumption is that individuals may have have serious issues in their personal lives that may impact on their performance at work, and it is through addressing these that the performance issues can be successfully addressed. 

LEAP’s coaching programme offers two types of individual coaching viz. 

  • Executive Coaching in which senior managers and leaders are provided a service to shift their behaviour and deliver on the expected business results;
  • Providing leaders and managers with skills to provide coaching as a function of their role to their teams. This we refer to as “Performance Coaching”;

“Coaching is primarily about the individual – their goals, decisions and choices. Individuals working for themselves or in smaller groups need the assistance that a coach can provide. For organisations, the leaders and senior managers need to coach in order to attract, retain and to fully engage the best individuals… Coaching is about helping people to discover their own autonomy, their own authority, their own voice… and the vast reserves of potential that reside in each and every one of us…

Myles Downey, Coach and author of “Effective Modern Coaching” 

Coaching inspires and supports improved performance and increased productivity. Because it can boost job satisfaction, it can also help you to retain talented personnel. 

We work with managers who want to introduce, or strengthen, a coaching culture in their organisation or partnership. We help you integrate coaching styles into day-to-day leadership and management practice. People we have worked with have reported dramatic changes in their approach, leading to tangible improvements in the performance of colleagues and teams. 

Our coaching and tailor-made workshops for leaders and managers: 

  • help leaders review the benefits that could be achieved with improved organisational performance
  • build internal capability by supporting the growth of in-house coaching
  • provide supportive and challenging supervision to assure the quality of coaching offered.

Coach Training

LEAP offers two types of Coach training

Leader as Coach Programme

This programme is geared for Line Managers and leaders of teams who would like to enhance their skills in performance coaching their teams. This is a 3 day programme. The programme content is made up of the following components viz.

  • Self awareness using the Enneagram personality profiles
  • Coaching conversations of Relationship, Possibilities and Actions
  • The T-GROW Model of Coaching 
  • Key Coaching skills viz. Listening, questioning, conversational skills
  • Practice of coaching in triads

While this is not an accredited programme, because of its short duration, participants who do well in this programme, and see themselves as future Coaches, may enroll on the accredited programme below.

ACTP Accredited Programme

LEAP Leadership and Learning also runs coach training programmes for those who would like to be accredited coaches, and to companies that want to develop an internal cadre of coaches.  These programmes are accredited through the Star Leadership Academy. Participants will receive the ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Provider) stamp through ICF and COMENSA Recognised SETA aligned Training Provider. 

The programme content is made up of the following components viz.

  • Self-awareness and Personal Mastery
  • Emotional Intelligence and the forces that direct and influences our relationships
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Conversation for Relationship
  • Conversation for Possibilities and 
  • Conversation for Action
  • Coaching skills
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Conversational skills
  • The Coache’s Duty of Care and the ethics involved in Coaching