Performance Consulting & Corporate Learning

LEAP offers learning strategies that builds the demands of a rapidly changing world and work, linking the theories of how adults learn and the accessibility of new technology to employees. Tested models of employee learning in the public service, para-statals and corporates have produced sustainable benefits for both individual employees and the organisation. Key aspects of the strategy design and implementation include: 

  • Alignment of Learning strategy with Business strategy
  • Creation of a target operating model, supporting this strategy
  • Design of a diverse blend of learning curriculum that is relevant, practical, and impactful
  • Investment in emerging technology solutions that improve learning effectiveness
  • Establishing learning analytics that allow to measure success in the business context

A key factor in improving business performance is the agile learning of staff. This is possible only if the organisation moves from a training to a learning and ultimately towards a performing paradigm, where the traditional way in which training happens for employees (largely in classroom workshops receiving information from trainers) moves towards the use of mixed media focusing on on-the-job performance support and performance coaching. Learning for the sake of learning needs to be replaced with learning with a purpose – to provide meaning for the individual as well as developing skills and competence towards improving business performance.