Individual & Team Assessments

LEAP believes in the use of personality assessments to assist individual clients understand themselves better, and understand their team members in order to connect and relate better with them. LEAP is accredited on two major personality assessments ie. the Enneagram and the Insights Discovery, both for individuals and teams. 

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful personality assessment that looks at the holistic individual and guides the participant through the dominant personality type and sub types (of the 9 major types). In the context of people development, the Enneagram can be thought of as a map which describes and explains human behaviour in a very accurate and accessible way. It makes visible those common repeating patterns of behaviour that we all tend to exhibit unconsciously over time, and it reveals the underlying motivations or drivers of this behaviour. It is hugely important in deepening awareness of self and others and provides insight into the nature of our relationships.

The comprehensive report identifies strengths as well as key development areas and blind spots that assist in the coaching programme. Included in the report is a stress map that indicates to the participant the degree of stress that participants are presently experiencing in different areas of his/her life eg. physical, inter-personal, psychological, environmental and vocational. This is a powerful tool to start with self-awareness and self development. 

(b) Insights Discovery

The Insights Discovery Assessment helps individuals gain a deeper insight into themselves and their colleagues by uncovering meaning in preferences and behaviour. Participants learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships… 

Insights Discovery is ideal if you want to: 

  • understand your unique personality
  • develop your interpersonal skills
  • improve your communication
  • create better personal and professional relationships

(c ) Five Lenses (

The Five Lens Development Platform is a set of products, processes and methodologies designed to maximize human performance. At its core sits the 5LQ, which is an integrated assessment tool.

This dynamic and multidimensional “five lens” approach to measuring and reporting on behavior goes further than any other methodology in terms of taking into account the complexity of human behavior. Each lens provides self-insight based on a unique model of human development.

The five lenses are:

  • Personal Mastery
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Social Drives
  • Energy Centres
  • The Enneagram

The platform draws on the 5LQ questionnaire to produce reports that have layers of depth and provide possible development directions for the individual delegate.

These individual results are then pulled through as a golden thread into a range of customisable products and processes for teams, such as the Team Discovery Day, Team Performance Process, and Skills Modules such as conflict, feedback, trust, collaboration, thinking partners and building resilience.