Enneagram Conference

Dr Brian Chinsamy will be a speaker at the 2019 International Enneagram Conference in Cape Town, South Africa on 11-13 October.

The conference theme is “The Art and Science of Consciousness” and celebrates both disciplines and their intersection in the context of the Enneagram and Consciousness theory.

Brian’s topic:


Having facilitated almost 600 Enneagram debriefs in various financial services organizations across the African continent, Brian has collected post-debrief empirical data which he will share with delegates in the session. The findings of this research will reflect on how the Enneagram has helped to change the organisational culture from silo operations to a more integrated style and approach; and the extent to which this change has been sustainable and what impact it has had on business. Brian will also share insights from the cultural nuances of applying the Enneagram across the African continent.

More info on: https://www.enneagramconference.net

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